Who is Brotha’s Botanicals?

Meet Brotha 

My name is Keithan Watkins. My health journey began as a kid for me before I knew what it could do for me.  I learned about the food pyramid and wanted to eat in a way that I thought was the correct way for my body.  I continued this until adulthood. Of course, no one is perfect, and I ate the standard American diet at times. During those years, I also had health issues.  I had a hernia at birth that stayed with me until I had surgery at the age of 12. I had digestive issues my entire life due to the hernia. Prior to graduating college, I also had appendicitis. Health issues began to pile up and so did the prescriptions.  One day, I was fed up and decided to take matters into my own hands, and I stumbled across some research involving Irish seamoss. I experimented with it for a while because I was a skeptic.  The issues that were plaguing me began going away and one day disappeared.  I decided on that day that I would spread a healthier lifestyle to those around me. I was later recommended by a friend to start my own business because they noticed that I owned so much Seamoss, herbs, crystals, and other alternative methods of healing.  So here I am….Welcome to Brotha’s Botanicals!

Your Health is a journey.  There’s no magic pill. It requires self-love, discipline, and mental strength. You just took the first step by landing here which shows that you love yourself.  Take your time and write down some goals and work on step two. Health is love!

– Keithan


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