Natural Hematite


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Raw/Natural Hematite

Hematite, also spelled as haematite, is a common iron oxide with a formula of Fe₂O₃ and is widespread in rocks and soils. Hematite crystals belong to the rhombohedral lattice system which is designated the alpha polymorph of Fe ₂O ₃. Hematite is a deep red to silver lustrous crystal that has a metallic sheen.

*Absorbs negative energy
*Aids grounding
*Calms stress
*Helps to develop self-control
*Provides equilibrium and balance
* detoxifies

Chakra Healing: Root Chakra

Placement: Place on or touching the root chakra, wear as a ring, carry in pants pocket, place in any area to transform negative energy

Size: 1″ Rough

*Please research all of the possibilities and uses with this stone. This is just a basic overview and has a lot more to it than what is provided above.

****All our Crystals/Stones/Minerals and Specimens are Authentic and are Ethnically Mined and Sourced. Unless stated in the advert otherwise!. You may not receive the exact item shown in the picture, Pictures are a good visual representation of the product only. . You will receive a piece of crystal advertised . Due to the Natural characteristics of each piece. The Appearance, Color shade, Color, Texture, Shape, Size and Thickness may vary from stone to stone, Some Stones may come with there natural outer matrix. No stone will be perfectly shaped. The weight for each stone is an Approx weight guide. Size reference is only a reference guide. ****

The use of these crystals is not meant to replace conventional medicines, it is not a prescription, treatment or diagnosis. The information given is not to be taken as a Natural healer or and alternative to medicines or treatments. please seek medical advise if needed.


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